What Are Apres Gel-X Extensions?

Apres Gel-X Nail Extensions are a type of soft gel extension. They are nail tips made of a soft gel material that are applied over your natural nails to extend your nail length. Unlike traditional acrylics, Apres Gel-X does not use monomer liquid and acrylic powder (so no harsh smell, thank goodness!). Instead, the soft gel tips are applied to your natural nails with a specially formulated gel adhesive.

Unlike hard gel nail extensions, which are thicker and need to be sculpted into shape, Apres Gel-X nails can be cut and filed into any shape. They’re touted as being thinner, more flexible and more natural-looking than acrylic nails or hard gel extensions.

How Long Do Apres Gel-X Nail Extensions Last?

Apres Gel-X extensions can last up to 3 to 4 weeks, depending on how quickly your nails grow and how much you’re willing to tolerate some growth at the cuticle. Personally, I didn’t mind a little bit of growth, especially because I got a natural pale pink color that blended fairly well, so I was able to get 3 full weeks out of my Apres Gel-X manicure.

However, I should mention that I initiated the removal appointment because one of my nails chipped, which is definitely not supposed to happen – Apres Gel-X is supposed to be rock solid and chip-resistant until you remove them. This could have been a result of the application process or salon nail tech, but I wasn’t impressed with the durability and longevity – I can make a regular gel manicure last 3 weeks too if I’m careful.